Complete statistics of services and clients

Proper operation of the Internet network requires not only monitoring the technical conditions of the control elements in the network, but also complete statistical outputs about services and clients, which are undoubtedly necessary for building business strategies and subsequent marketing targeting of offers to specific clients as a part of ​​the continuous quality improvement of the services and, of course, as a response to the ever changing ISP market

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System provides
Server statistics
Detailed information about the server operation and utilization, for example, running processes, memory usage, CPU, etc. and plotting values ​​in graphs.

Data statistics
A client survey by the amount of data transferred for a given period with adjustable parameters to display a detailed output. Individual graphs with transmission reports to individual clients.

Client statistics
Detailed summaries of rise, decrease or transfer of clients and services for a specified period, with the possibility to sort them out according to the connection type (Wi-Fi, CATV, optical, etc.) or their tariffs.

Wi-Fi signal statistics
Displays detailed information about the quality of Wi-Fi connection (signal strength, Tx CCQ, Uptime) and plotting the resulting values ​​in graphs.

The central logging from the system log of Mikrotik routers.

Event logger
The system performs automatic recording of important events, and these records are kept available to be viewed at any time and possibly to search for more detailed information about the changes made.


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