Service tasks well organized

Scheduling provides clear organizing of tasks and plans, including the records of service calls and their solutions by technical personnel. The wide range of Scheduling can then be used for more efficient planning of engineers' activities for longer periods.

The Scheduling module is tied very closely to the client database. The interventions made are thus automatically displayed in the detail tab of a particular client and the work done, including materials used, can also be very easily invoiced.

System ensures

  • Adding new tasks to a service technician´s plan
  • Overview of work scheduled for all service technicians in a current week
  • Monitoring the technicians´ workload
  • A technician´s detailed work statement for given periods / service sheets
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly reports of scheduled tasks
  • Detailed records of all service work for a client
  • Reports and statistics of fulfilled / unfulfilled tasks, solution procedures
  • Evidence of tasks without a determination of time (so-called Free Tasks)
  • Complete history of tasks

The sequence of permissions to the particular tasks can be entirely tailor-made in the ISPadmin system, and then results in the overview display and efficient activity planning for individual technicians to avoid unnecessary downtime or misunderstandings in dealing with the responsibility for the task.


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