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It is a popular and proven technology for putting wireless networks into practice. The MikroTik Company offers its Routerboards, which provide efficient output but also fast and convenient configuration of the system and its services.

The ISPadmin system is currently one of the best designed systems to manage the MikroTik routers. All settings, such as firewall rules, adding access points, network interface, and especially adding new clients, settings of speed, tariffs and FUP can be simply defined through a web interface, without any need to get connected to a router and to make the changes manually. The system will take care of everything automatically. The system development reacts to the availability of the new versions of the operating system for MikroTik devices and thus the support to all versions starting from 2.x to the latest is guaranteed. System control of the versions supported with integrated notification of a possible collision in the ROS version provides a tool for quick and effective diagnosis of a potential problem.

The ISPadmin system makes a complete setting of the firewall, Mangle and QueueTree on Mikrotik routers. In all cases the system works only with its own designated rules, when due to this solution, it is possible to add custom firewall rules and QueueTree restrictions to the routers.

Automatic configuration updates of all routerboards are carried out periodically every five minutes. Only the differential setting is transferred, which leads to always up-to-date setting of the entire network. This method provides a lower network service and especially reducing the recording to a minimum so that the possibility of defective blocks is reduced in the flash disc in the router.

The router is monitored using the SNMP protocol and possibly API if they are activated. Any configuration changes that the ISPadmin transfers to the router are transmitted via SSH protocol, or again the API interface. The correct service is thus conditional on the active communication between the router and the ISPadmin system.

Full support to API interface enables better recording of rules, especially compared to the current SSH it allows reading large amounts of statistical data which the ISPadmin is able to transfer into a variety of statistics and graphs.

Mikrotik status is reserved in the system for transparent monitoring, where you can easily browse through the details of all Mikrotik routers, such as CPU type, Architecture, Frequency, HW version, the number of clients connected. The other part is the information about the client routers where you can see the signal strength, noise, Tx CCQ values ​​(quality of the WiFi link) and more. The data are then transformed into graphs of the WiFi signal for all clients, which are made daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. This feature brings you a perfect control over all your clients´ end devices.

Through the communication with MikroTik routers the ISPadmin system provides the option to show information pages to end clients, directly in the browser window. This option is often used in combination with invoice due dates and the subsequent client´s suspension in the event of default in invoice payment. When they try to connect to the internet, an information page is displayed and it informs them on the service limitations and possibilities of putting it right, i.e. the payment of the invoice. The possibilities of uses are of course much wider.
The system in its setup variability allows more options how to redirect the clients to a desired page by writing rules in the Firewall NAT table or using an address-list.

The ISPadmin system fully integrates MikroTik RADIUS support (requires activation of a standalone module in the license) and MAC filter for authentication of clients´ accesses to the ISP.

In the case of active RADIUS module is also possible for the network management to use the authentication of technicians´ accesses to MikroTik routers through RADIUS. In practice it means that a technician is not required to create a special access account with appropriate permissions for each router. When for example a technician terminates his employment, it is not necessary to cancel his access to all routers again. The automatic configuration of the access to the RADIUS server is made and the login for technicians then is available (in WinBox, ssh, etc. according to competence). So no manual configuration of all routers is necessary and the whole process is accelerated considerably.

Syslog is used for central data collection from system log of MikroTik routers where the ISPadmin system offers the possibility to specify events, respectively to set up the filters for the events that should not be recorded in the log, and thus to ensure its clarity and the output of the information that the ISP is interested in. Syslog settings also determine the number of lines stored in the log and the number of days which the log will be saved for in the system before its automatic deletion.

Bandwidth test allows you to test the throughput of individual links between MikroTik routers, from anywhere in the network to the destination router. The test can be defined and scheduled in the system as needed. After the parameters as test time, the source and destination router, test date, the direction of data flow, etc. are specified, the test is performed at a given time and the results are saved in the database and the chart.

WiFi scan allows scanning Wi-Fi zones at any mikrotik antenna. The system uses for testing the mikrotik function that makes the test possible. The test results in a clear display of Wi-Fi bandwidth use in all available channels and scanned devices.

To perform a large-scale startup of a command list, such as the whole group of routers, in the ISPadmin system there is an option integrated to run a script containing a list of commands that are to be applied in all included routers. For safety reasons, such as protection against accidental or intentional start-up of this command batch, this option is only accessible after entering the SuperAdmin password, which is granted only to the owner or the manager of the company at their own request.

Detailed technical specifications on settings and working with MikroTik routers are available in the online system documentation


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The new stable version of the system ISPadmin has been officially released. The newest version has number 4.28.

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The new stable version of the system ISPadmin has been officially released. The newest version has number 4.27.

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The new stable version of the system ISPadmin has been officially released. The newest version has number 4.26.

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The new stable version of the system ISPadmin has been officially released. The newest version has number 4.25.

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The new stable version of the system ISPadmin has been officially released. The newest version has number 4.24.

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