Network monitoring

Nagios - system for monitoring and network visualization

Optimal and reliable capacity of the servers does not stop with their installation and configuration. The operation of a server and other network elements needs constant monitoring and optimizing their performance. For this reason, the ISPadmin system includes the monitoring and visualization system - Nagios, which monitors automatically not only the individual network devices (routers, servers, UPS, etc.), but it also tracks further services and processes that run on these devices.

Due to this integrated system it is possible to react promptly to any potential network problems, device failures and other requirements to change the network topology.

NAGIOS is delivered as a standard part of the installed ISPadmin system, already configured for its correct operation. The devices added to the ISPadmin are therefore immediately displayed in the Status map, which is used for imaging the network topology in a graphical form, including displaying the hierarchy of devices, i.e. the connection to other devices in the network, and also mapping the status of their availability.

Failure notification
The ISPadmin system makes it possible to report failures of servers, routers and other connected equipment (e.g. UPS) thanks to Nagios in the following ways:

A simple method of the network failure notification or other error reporting, when the notification is sent from the system to the default administrator email address.

The administrator is informed about the network failure or other network errors via SMS messages sent from the system to the administrator´s telephone number. A substantial advantage of this solution is that if the connectivity to the Internet fails, the control over the network is assured by using GSM network, which is independent on the connectivity. To use this method of notification, it is of course necessary to connect and configure the SMS gateway on the Administration Server. However, this notification method is more costly to purchase and to operate compared with the e-mail notification. The SMS gateway can also be used for notifying the customers.

The system also allows you to define the Notification contact groups and to assign them to any server, router, or device specified in the system. Selecting an appropriate defined templates, which use the system variables in the template traced, and the notification type can precisely target the contact group, which the notification message on error status for the device is specified for. Furthermore, the setting variability is enhanced by the possibility of setting certain limits. When these are reached, the notification message is sent to the specified contact group.

The official documentation for the NAGIOS monitoring system is available at


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