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ISPadmin - Task manager

ISPadmin - Task Manager is an application for managing all assigned tasks from the administration interface of ISPadmin.

ISPadmin is an information and administration system designed for Internet service providers to ensure comprehensive management and monitoring of the Internet, including billing, scheduling, etc. More information on the individual functions of ISPadmin is available at the product pages

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  • Display of all tasks assigned from the administration environment
  • Notification when allocating a new task or a change of an existing task
  • Display of the site to fulfil the job in a map
  • Direct navigation to the client's address specified for a task
  • The possibility of adding a process solution to a specific task
  • Clear display of all (online / offline) equipment in the network in a map
  • Synchronizing a calendar mobile device with iOS
  • Possibility to upload and display photos from mobile device directly to customers or routers
  • Option to display nearby router(s) with information about it's distance(s) and direction(s)
  • Option to run test connection to router(s)

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Note: ISPadmin - Task manager is available for system version 4.13 or newer. New features may require ISPadmin in version 4.14 beta 4 or newer.

ISPadmin - Task Manager is free to download and to try in a demo mode. This restriction in practice means that all the assigned tasks are possible to see in the list of assigned tasks, but only the first two ones could be displayed for the preview of the task details and adding the solution procedure.

Activating the application for the full use is tied to a valid license to ISPadmin system. More information on ISPadmin system is available at the product pages, eventually you may e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .