One complex solution for your finances

The ISPadmin system also includes an extensive invoicing module, which completely solves all financial issues related to the Internet access provision and the associated services. The system is suitable both for keeping financial reporting, and for double-entry bookkeeping.

One click in ISPadmin can issue invoices for all clients with the set (e.g. monthly) billings for services provided. The invoices generated are in the system also available in PDF format to view, print or forward them to the clients´ e-mails. Invoices are also available for each individual client after logging into the client´s portal.

The invoices generated and their overview is kept with details for each billing group separately, with all available information for the effective invoicing management.

The system can monitor the payments of invoices due to the imported bank statement, as well as through e-mail notifications directly from a bank (only selected banks) and it can pair the payments automatically. You may also enter the payments manually. If the payment is overdue, the ISPadmin will suspend the outstanding client service until the payment is made, then the service will be automatically put back into operation.

The invoicing module also enables to generate reminders to all clients with overdue payments, to issue individual invoices, solutions to overpayments, underpayments, credits and other accounting operations.


  • Invoicing clients according to the services set automatically
  • Monthly / quarterly / half-yearly / annual invoicing
  • Ability to issue a separate invoice
  • Sending invoices to clients´ e-mail addresses
  • Continuously invoiced items
  • Reports and statistics on payments / reports
  • Reminders in case of overdue payment
  • Suspension of defaulters automatically
  • Imports of bank statements / export to accounting systems
  • Manual pairing of unidentifiable payments
  • Support for payment options (cash, bank transfer, postal money order, SuperCASH, PayPal, direct debit and SIPO)
  • Account coding
  • Ability to issue pro-forma invoices
  • Pairing payments with e-mail notifications from banks automatically
  • Any number of invoicing groups
  • Records of overpayments, underpayments and individual credits
  • Payment Schedule
  • Complete history of changes and payments
  • Cancelling invoices, issuing corrective tax documents
  • Setting initial financial standing at entering a client to the system
  • Financial reports
  • Filtering variability for searching the content
  • Cash diary
  • Ability to define item templates for individual invoices with regular repetition
  • Reverse charge (reverse charge to the customer)
  • Support for the second currency in the system
  • Correction invoicing

* Individual functions of the invoicing module may vary depending on the language and software localization, and for the reasons of the specific modifications related to legal requirements and accounting rules of the particular country!


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