Keep track of your material

Inventory provides a detailed record of equipment and goods that are delivered to clients. Using the system administration to allocate the goods to a client, the ISP gets an overview of all the goods stored, including detailed information about the goods type, when and whom it was delivered to and a complete history of the goods since its storage.

Inventory ensures

  • Ability to pre-fill the name of the supplier whom the goods are bought from
  • Evidence of goods by class and a particular type of goods
  • List of goods by period (purchase and selling price)‏
  • Goods delivered to a customer is displayed in the customer´s card
  • Record-keeping and administration of all goods
  • Setting the suppliers, the nature and type of goods for clear arrangement
  • Ability to assign goods to engineers, customers, routers, sites, etc.
  • Possibility of goods invoicing to a customer
  • Stating goods in contracts using system variables
  • Possibility to read goods in the system using a bar code reader
  • Evidence of complete history of the movement of goods
  • Printing reports in PDF

Selecting permission for an individual administrator of the inventory can easily divide the activities and the competence to handle goods available only to the persons designated for this activity.


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