Client management

Client bookmark, client card

Each client entered into the system provides the system administrator with the information that is needed for proper technical and business operations of the services assigned.

Client information management

  • Managing client´s contact and billing information
  • Managing services assigned to a client
  • Managing and archiving invoices, payments made
  • News and Notes
  • Evidence and contract management

Technical documentation management

  • Service interventions performed at a client
  • The goods delivered to a client
  • Photo documentation (e.g. after the installation in case of lease)

Records of changes and events

  • Information emails sent / reminders for outstanding payments
  • SMS sent / received
  • A history of changes made in a client's card
  • A history of client´s suspension

Recording clients and their services with possible individual management of particular contacts and associated services only highlights the features of the integrated solution, which the system ISPadmin undoubtedly is.


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